Australia will improve water supply network with blockchain technology

A Northern Australia-based project will use the technology of blockchain networks to improve the water supply network. 

Crypto and blockchain adoption is surging rapidly day by day. Blockchain and crypto use cases are no more limited to financial and tech companies. Because of the trust and reliability of the blockchain networks, there are a better high scale potential to report real-time situations of the provided conditions by sensors and also all the data in the network remain safe and no one can change it. 

According to a press release, Civic Ledger,  a blockchain firm, and some other group projects collaborated with more than 1,000 Farmers in the northern state of Queensland. 

The whole initiative of this collaboration is to ensure the security issues of the water supply for these farmers so that they can get a fair supply of water. 

Water Ledger project joined a project which was established in 1953, Mareeba-Dimbulah Water Supply Scheme. Right now under the schemes of Mareeba-Dimbulah around 200,000 megalitres of water getting distributed to irrigation, industrial and urban customers. 

Now, this collaboration of the Ledger will ensure the transparency of the water supply in the market and also it will reduce the cost of water trade in the whole market, so that water can be supplied to the whole joined users equally. It is expected that this project will launch in the middle of this year. 

This Northern region of states is popularly known for its high scale production of the crops like avocados, mangos, and bananas. So indirectly, this initiative with Blockchain technology will help to fight against environmental issues. 

Cardano is popularly known for its support for the Tree planning initiative in collaboration with a first initial tree offering crypto project, which is using the network of Cardano blockchain to provide real-time data of the plants & plantation time & funding also.

Water management systems in Australia are fair and better to provide water supply easily but it is very tough to bring into fair distribution against the challenges of climate and size of the country. 

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