Binance Australia Hires ​Former DigitalX CEO Leigh Travers as a CEO

Leading crypto exchange of Australia hired the former CEO of DigitalX to head Binance Australia.

In the present time, Binance exchange is trying their best to bring their services to a better level and also they are expanding their services & network in those countries more rapidly where crypto adoption is at a tremendous level. Australia seems to be a leading country in terms of crypto adoption.

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On 29 August, Binance exchange announced that Leigh Travers joined Binance’s subsidiary, Binance Australia. Leigh will head Binance Australia at the position of Chief executive officer. 

Leigh Travers worked earlier in the DigitalX firm for 7 years. And he contributed key roles to develop products & enhance the global network of DigitalX. And also Leigh contributed his role in the “Blockchain Australia”. 

Leigh said that he is very excited because of his joining at Binance Australia as CEO. And also he claimed that he will contribute in the Binance team to grow the Binance brand and also will focus on working with the regulators to establish a transparent & better relationship.

” I know it’s imperative that we continue to develop our relationships with regulatory bodies while reinforcing our company commitment to compliance and best practice.”

The Chief Operating Officer at Binance Australia, Sam Teoh, said that we saw Leigh work in DigitalX and now we are excited to work with Leigh at Binance Australia.

“We’ve observed the work Leigh has done at DigitalX for a while now and we’re excited to work with him not just on Binance Australia’s continued growth, but widespread adoption of blockchain businesses and cryptocurrency  in Australia at large.”

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