Coinbase CEO – Three Things Needs for Crypto Mass Adoption


The Cryptocurrency mass adoption mostly depends on volatility, Scalability and usability. Claims the CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong. He made this major claim during a live Ask-me-anything (AMA) dated back on 2 April.

The session went for about 45 minutes in which Brian answered some of the selected questions that were submitted by the Crypto community.

The first question was on the potential of the Mass Adoption. Brian claimed that a Cryptocurrency can achieve mass adoption by improving Scalability and usability, and at the same time reducing volatility. If the Crypto market keeps swinging drastically then it would be tough to get more traditional and trained investors involved.

Therefore the crypto industry needs more stable prices, hence via stable coins the company will be able to attract more people to invest and buy cryptocurrencies.

Brian mentioned that currently there are more than 10 teams working on Scalability solutions and Lighting Network. This is to improve the speed of Cryptocurrency transaction.

Brain further added that with this the Crypto transaction may reach 500 to 5000 transaction per second and may also work on major payment gateways like Visa and Paypal.

In concern of the Usability, Brian said there is also a need for improvement, by this he meant to say that the various or too many steps a user needs to make in order in invest in Cryptocurrency. That should be reduced so most people get easy access to the cryptocurrencies.

An entrepreneur question was worth noticing, the entrepreneur agreed that he had a love for BTC and looks it a complete success. He also claims that back to the year of 2013-2014 thinking of BTC being a scalable payment option was not successful. He completed it by saying. “I totally underestimated how controversial this idea might become in BTC community,”

Brian also decided that from now the company will not only pick winner’s instead they will be supporting all of them.

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