UAE postal operator issues NFTs stamp

The United Arab Emirates’ postal operator issued Non Fungible tokens (NFTs) stamps on the occasion of commemorating the federation’s 50th National Day. 

In the past, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) closed retail trading of crypto for the citizens but later they changed their decision also to allow the adoption of crypto under better regulation. But still, there are many things between the crypto traders and UAE officials, which are retarding UAE citizens to get into crypto with full freedom. Maybe there are some associated risks, from the point of view of UAE officials, that is why they are not giving much freedom to the people to use crypto assets. But still, initiatives of UAE officials showed that they are now going to be much more friendly day by day with crypto. 

In the latest, Emirates Post Group( EPG) announced its first-ever digital-collectible stamps launch. With this initiative, EPG became the first-ever postal organization in the Middle East and North Africa to go with the NFTs initiative. 

2 December is a national holiday in UAE and on the same day EPG will publish its new NFTs, which will have blockchain-based digital twins that will be sold as digital collectibles. And also all the NFTs will have their counterparts in physical existence. 

As per the announcement, all the four NFTs stamps will have their uniqueness and will represent the national theme. And all the people will be able to buy it after scanning the code printed on paper. 

And to get the digital form of the NFTs stamp, the buyer needed to scam the hidden QR code on the Card. 

Abdulla Mohammed Alashram, CEO of EPG, said that the initiative of EPG with the use of NFTs indicates that they are now digitally blockchain oriented. 

Abdulla also said that EPG is trying to figure out how they can take advantage and benefit from the use of Blockchain technology in the COVID 19 pandemic situation. 

EPG CEO further said that they will plan to launch more NFTs in the future in a better and unique way. Further continues

“The adoption of the latest advancements in digital technology in our operations is also to address the technology-savvy generation who prefers digitally accessible services. As part of our efforts to bridge the gap between traditional postage stamps and the digital world, we are also working to launch more NFT stamps.”

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