1.2M Customers Avail The Bitcoin Trading, Offered By Private Italian Banks


According to news stated by Italian banks – Banca Sella, Bitcoin adoption. Bitcoin trading service is undertaken by the bank, known as Hype. The upcoming days should undergo beta testing and the customers will avail the service online, reported on 20 March 2020.

Bitcoin trading, in hand of 1.2M Italian’s 

Banca Sella founded in 1886 is well known banking institutions in Italy. Its Hype platform operates with over 1.2 million citizens by enabling Bitcoin trading service 

The Hype’s new addition is currently engaged with a small group of clients, by using beta testing 

website states, the tenure of testing should be completed in “a few more days, and it will be available to all customers.”

By enrolling the Bitcoin trading service, the security risks connected with cryptocurrency exchanges will be reduced by the bank, acting as an intermediary. 

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Portions of bitcoins will be sent by Hype to all contacts in the address books of the clients. The payment for purchase will also be accessed by them, where payment is allowed by cryptocurrency.

The website figures in order to steer users face and an easy to navigate user face and a comfortable method of lending or borrowing the amount of bitcoins. The mining fee will be displayed by Hype for each Bitcoin transaction.

The bank will be charging a  commission of 1% on all of the transactions.

Better position 

Instead of gripping time Banca Sella’s move. The effect of COVID-19 (coronavirus) shown its presence in all countries worldwide, but none country than Italy has its severe effect, claiming the number of deaths due to the virus even China hit over 3,400 cases.

In response, the government undertook special measures, such as lockdown in maintained areas.

The day to day routine task has been paused for a while in response  to Coronavirus virus 

In acknowledge to these Bitcoin trading service platform while a nation-wide lockdown may get into weird move.  However, people’s movements have been stopped for a while, establishing another means of payment and trading might be a convenient move.

 Banca Sella’s Bitcoin trading platform,  in the eyes of the cryptocurrency community, shown a positive move in terms of mass adoption.

Recently the Governor’s office of Hawaii revealed its new ‘ Digital Currency Innovation Lab ‘ on 17th of March which was completely developed with the collaborative efforts between different firms of the states like the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs,

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