10 Rules of Trading to Minimize Loss


Dennis Gartman in 1970 has set his career in trading.  He gathered a lot of skills in him and got familiar with trading Forex, treasuries, stocks, commodities, and derivatives. One that knows him well will surely know about all perspectives. He was known for his newsletters. Around for 30 years, he uses to write a daily newsletter. For all his great contributions, institutional investors pay enormous respect.

Philosophy policy that is pragmatism and skepticism carved a huge public interest. Few contrarian calls of Gartman are reported, often hitting the bullseye. He gave rise to “Rules of Trading”, referred to as a sharp method for all times.

No doubt about the rules coined by Gartman in the field of marketing but the time when cryptocurrencies emerged few adjustments were necessary to undertake as the cryptocurrencies market were mysterious elusive surprising and lack of liquidity compared to solidified markets such as gold, oil, and S&P futures.

The Retail traders incline to produce fundamental errors as the cryptocurrency has conventionally practiced trading and investment that can generate involuntary outcomes.

For example, if we talk about taking profit from trade when it strikes your target and alters to acquire cryptocurrencies that are not increased in the market, but it won’t be prosperous for investors. And won’t be a part of the strategy.

For this justification, the top rules of Gartman are examined and also modified for investors involved in cryptocurrencies.

10 Rules of Trading

1 1.Don’t Average When Price Drops

It barely seems to weigh down to average. Investor setback penalties rapidly as the prices get back to their position. If ETH that is Ethereum is bought by an investor at $ 220 and goes down to $140. Investors get increment 2 times which results in an average price of $180.

Out of 57%, he hits back to 29% and this policy would reduce and break-even to earns a huge loss. This will reduce the buying cost and if the price moves up the losses will be covered fast but if the market drops further it will be a real pain for the investors because they are now in a double loss.

The investors are being advised by Gartman that this method would drop you down. Losing positions should be eliminated, not heightened. Everything comes with a cost, in this case, the cost is taking small losses instead of a big one.

2 2.Choice for better side

It doesn’t make any issue if a bullish is strives to be containment. If the price of the asset continues to move down and eventually touch the stop-loss. It is recommended to close the trade immediately on that level and does not immediately offer another bid.

A wise man said “Trend is Your Friend”. If the trend is bearish than try to sell or open short position with it. The best procedure is to find the trend early and open positions accordingly.

3 3. Mental Stress is Worse than a Finacial Loss

Holding a Devastating trade is not good for your portfolio and mental health. In spight of the fact that mental stress causes more harm. Family and another personal well being will definitely heal your anxiety. If you suffer a loss do get connected with them.

Every trader gets a bad stake every now and then and such are the dimensions of it. Emotional attachment should be resisted as it plays an important role here. We get more distinguishing facts between investing and trading.

XRP fanboy suffers a hardship when the trade is out of their socket. As it arranged cheerfully and long term views will make it much difficult to accept the loss. The same is the case with BTC maximalists who got crippled as the price dropped from $10,000 to $4,500 in March 2020. 

4 4. If market altitude gets elevated, one needs to be neutral 

If the trade reached on to stop loss, furthermore investors don’t clearly get the market trend. Many of them suffered bedtime and were bankrupt. Reevaluating marketing trends, works as a good strategy plan after suffering loss for a long time. One gets a central idea about the price after reading the market for a long time.

rules of trading

For reference, the above chart examines protectives that refer to the diversions framed on a small scale. Few traders should be identified by shorting the market. 

The bull market holds a perfect example of a price movement. This gave trader a neutral zone. To be antagonist is better when it comes to bear markets. Long positions should be avoided by traders. As stated by traders “don’t try to catch a falling knife” Get a stable, clear trend to launch a new building position.

5 5. Patient is the Key But Don’t Hodl too Long

Being patient with winning trades. After getting about 30% of picks, investors can make a good profit. This will definitely move to 7% to 10% even addition constantly on winning. Use tight stop loss and close the losing trades quickly will result in overall profit.

If you get good and positive vibes about your trend, keep moving ahead and buy them more. Limiting losses and adding positions both need good guidelines so keep eye on it. As well as aim for stop orders. Entering trailing stops would stay for an interesting method.

Let’s assume the trade is going with your way and the price increased 10% higher from the buying price. It is good to place a trailing stop loss below 5% of the current market rate to book a 5% profit. If the price moves 15% higher than the trailing stop loss will be at 10% to book a 10% profit.

6 6. Respect the Market Movements

Outstanding application for market trends difficult to specify the author of this phrase. It marks with every point. It rarely rises, even if investors get 100% sure about price move.

Do not argue with market sentiment. After being so correct, do not expect about from everyone to get connected with your align. If you stay long on social networks show awareness.

Still, a true inspiration of crypto is impossible and has created a problem as analyzed by Twitter. Honor the trend more than your core or the viewpoints of others.

7 7.Respect Every Candle

If the market shows a slow moment, and unexpectedly represents a huge unfavorable candle. It resembles a good position. A 4% setback could grow to 12% or 20% loss in a few hours or days

On the other hand, after a prolonged bear market, a strong positive candle could be the trigger for a trend reversal. Trends that stay for weeks or for months appeal for substantial and rapidly showed changes.

The trend can be changed with one big candle and that will reverse the trends for weeks or months. Always review your positions after a large candle appears on the chart.

8 8. Market Moves in Repeated Patterns, Use it Wisely

A positive result can be generated when investors correctly interpret market trends. If the price moves with your position try to add more. When the price shifts to south, and get down and create specify to each position smaller.

9 9.  Markets can show trendless and stays longer, be patient

Short-term trends can alter from a long time trend. Inexperienced traders can be trapped in a short-term trend and totally miss the direction of the market. If the trend is not clear, sit down eat healthy food, sleep well and let the market confirms the move.

10   10.Trade Less Trade Good

Be simpler and implement limited skills, to get more productivity. It will make an easy path for undertaking better decisions. If the result shows fluctuations that are with respect to cryptocurrency, the number changes from 15% to 10%, neglect it. Frame recommendations at deeper degrees.

Always prepare a strategy based on your amount and trade holding time. Some times traders miss the best opportunities just for 5-15% profits. Always do reseach before taking any position. If the price increasing daily don’t buy it blindly. Don’t try to catch the train that is already leaved the station. Try to find out the next oppotunity and wait for it.

It is very easy to read the rules but very hard to follow.

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