12 year old boy made $400,000 by selling NFTs artwork during the school holidays

A 12 year old boy used his school vacation in creating NFTs artwork and sold it for 290,000 pounds.

In the present time, NFTs based projects are getting huge popularity and also in demand because everyone in the crypto market wants to go with this trend to make lots of profit. Time to time every week new achievements by the projects and the NFTs artwork seller can be seen. 

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Benyamin Ahmed, is a 12 year old boy and is getting education in a school in London. 

Ahmed shared his journey and success of making money in the crypto market in an interview with Geo.tv. 

Ahmed said that he used his school holidays to give time to the artwork to create weird whale images and that artwork goes viral on twitter. Later Ahmed turned his artwork into Digital artwork in the form of NFTs token and put it up for sale and then he made around 290,000 pound. 

Imran Ahmed, father of Benyamin Ahmed, said that he teached his kid about coding at the age of 6 year and that helped him much for this work.

And also, his father is happy because his child made such a huge amount of earnings without having a bank account because of the low age limitation.

“Benyasim is highly creative, has no bank account and no accountant, therefore, he keeps his money in an online blockchain.”

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