1,200 new Bitcoin ATMs installed this month

According to the data reports, a total of 1200 new ATMs have been installed in the last one month with over 40 machines installed per day. 

Bitcoin based ATM machines, BTM, are the best gateway to get into the crypto world. As we know, the use of crypto is not new. People have been using Cryptocurrency for decades. Due to better development infrastructure of the states of the U.S, many states welcomed Bitcoin ATM machines and now in the present time huge growth can be seen in the industry of Bitcoin ATMs. 

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According to the data available at coinatmradar.com, 1,200 new ATMs have been installed worldwide within the last one month. So around 47 Bitcoin ATM machines were installed in one day. 

This shows how the Bitcoin ATM industry is growing rapidly because of the demand for BTMs. People now can easily use crypto assets to buy/sell with easy trade with cash & debit cards through the BTM. 

If we consider the last 60 days record of bItcoin ATM machine installation report then according to the daily gauge scale there are around 47.1 Bitcoin ATM machines installed per day. 

The entry of the BTMs started in the U.S in 2014 & now in present time there are a total 42,000 BTMs. 

Because of the growing industry of the Bitcoin ATM machines, the Bitcoin ATM operators DigitalMint and Coinsource launched a Bitcoin ATM Organization to control and check the Bitcoin ATM operators under regulatory framework or not. 

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