$130M TRX burned in one day ahead of the USDD launch

On the occasion of the stable coin launch, the Tron project team made huge works to show significant growth for the Tron blockchain ecosystem.

Tron is a decentralized blockchain network. Right now TRX is standing at 19th rank, by 24 hours trade volume. TRX is a native token of the Tron blockchain. Last week, Tron founder Justin Sun announced the launch of the Tron blockchain-backed stable coin, USDD 

On 5 May, Tron’s founder announced through Twitter that USDD stable coin has been launched on the main net successfully. 

Justin also warned people to remain away from fake USDD smart contract-based addresses on decentralized exchanges. For the same, Justin suggested to double-check the smart contract address on the official website. 

On this occasion of the USDD launch, the Tron community announced the burn of $130 million worth of TRX coins. 

According to experts, the USDD stablecoin may play a vital role in terms of adoption among the wise crypto investors because this coin is a better option for those, who want to generate risky free 30% interest per year on holding.

Price action 

Due to this huge positive news for the Tron blockchain, the price of the TRX coin surged to around 18%+ within 24 hours. At present time, due to usual market correction, the TRX coin price is $0.079, which is 4.9% higher than the last 24 hours’ trade price. 

$130M TRX burned in one day ahead of the USDD launch 1

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