18% Americans have an investment in Cryptocurrencies: 2022 Survey


A survey revealed that American crypto investors surged by 125% over the last 2 years of the time frame.

In present time, the crypto adoption rate is highest in Thailand, where more than 20% of internet users hold cryptocurrencies. While the United States of America (USA) is standing below the 10th rank, which is showing that developed countries are not showing trust in cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology at a better level over developing countries’ people.

On 12 October, Finbold published a report on behalf of data acquired by its team and noted that now 18% of Americans have Investment in cryptocurrencies, while the same number was 8% in 2020. So-net increment in the number of Americans in the crypto sector over the 2 years is 125%, which is showing that developed countries’ citizens are now started to show interest in cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology to a better degree.

The report also revealed that, at the current time, 14% of Americans are planning to invest in digital assets, which is showing that people are still stepping toward cryptocurrencies despite bearish sentiments.

18% Americans have an investment in Cryptocurrencies: 2022 Survey 1

This data was taken by the Finbold team from the Statista Global Consumer survey, which was conducted on 1,000 U.S. adults aged between 18 and 64 years old.

It is worth noting that, this year US lawmakers showed significant interest in the crypto sector, to bring policies to this market to make rules clear So that companies can easily interact with this innovative sector without any regulatory hurdles.
In the present time, the majority of the country’s Central Banks are working on blockchain technology-based development works to develop sovereign digital currency, or say CBDC.

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