2024 presidential election will be crypto-friendly, says Former White House Director


The founder of Skybridge Capital claimed that the crypto industry will see crypto-friendly presidential candidates in the next election.

The Crypto industry is currently standing at that level where it needs more government support instead of retail support because adoption is already at a tremendous level and now the crypto industry needs government-level support. However, we already have many US lawmakers, which are crypto-friendly. For example Cynthia Lummis from Wyoming but such few people can’t bring better push for the Crypto industry.

Anthony Scaramucci is the founder and managing partner of the global alternative investment firm SkyBridge Capital and also he is a former White House Director of Communications. 

Anthony recently appeared in an interview with Crypto Banter. During the interview discussion, Anthony said that the future presidential election, which will take place in 2024, will come with two crypto-friendly candidates.

Anthony also noted the statement of Janet Yellen, US Treasury Secretary, who stated that crypto is now becoming part of the lives of Americans. 

Reportedly Anthony said:

“Let me just say this to you, follow the money because there is a water wall of money entering Washington from the different associations and lobbying groups. I’ll predict your show that the 2024 final two presidential candidates will be pro-crypto, pro-blockchain. Follow the money.”

Anthony said that earlier Joe Biden administration’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill for the crypto industry was supporting crypto critics to warm up the digital assets. 

Skybridge founder said that it will force US government officials to serve their crypto-holding constituents positively. 

“You have 73 million people that own (crypto)…This is a ‘DLO’– decentralized lobbying organization. 73 million people descending on these people, calling them. That’s how Washington works.”

The present US president Joe Biden is not strictly against the crypto and blockchain industry but he is not very friendly with this market. Earlier, Joe Biden, Donald Trump as US president, was strictly against crypto adoption. Even in the present time, he is against crypto, while Trump’s wife used crypto NFTs to make money.

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