28.8% Aussie are crypto investors: Survey


A survey suggested that around 28.8% of people in Australia are Crypto Investors. While this percentage was around 18.4% in 2020. 

No matter whether it is a developing country or a developed country, crypto is getting into every type of community and Country of the world at high rates. However, the assumption may be wrong but survey data are clear proof of how much we are going toward the adoption of this crypto industry. 

The latest research was conducted by the Independent Reserve’s Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) on more than 2,000 Aussie people. In these people, there were 28.8% crypto traders, while this number was around 14.4% in 2020. 

The results of this survey suggested that the majority of the crypto traders who responded to this survey, either lost or made money in the crypto industry. Around 89% were those who made or lost in 2021, this number was around 78% in 2020. 

Adrian Przelozny, CEO of the Independent Reserve, shared his point of view on this result of the survey and said that it is not surprising for them because, in the current environment, it is very tough to get returns on the Investment. And asserted that most of the crypto assets outperformed in the last 12 months over the other assets. Further, he continues:

“I think it’s quite natural that more and more people get interested in an asset class that’s outperforming the rest of the market”

Independent Reserve CEO believes that in the future crypto will move towards maturity and that will end up in less volatility. 

“With time, I think you’ll see volatility and the perceived risk of this investment reduce.”

28.6% of respondents of the survey admitted that they are planning to invest in crypto assets but they are also looking to have a better ecosystem and environment, to remain under consumer protection. However, 26.6% of the non-crypto investors said that they are looking for improvement in the regulation of the crypto industry so that they can invest in crypto.

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