39% Australians believes Crypto as good Investment option

A survey conducted by Kraken exchange revealed many shocking points on Australian citizens toward crypto inclination. Around 39% of the Australian people believe that Cryptocurrency is a better option of investment.

A survey conducted by the Kraken Exchange via global researcher YouGov on the Australian citizens. The survey finds that not more than 3rd of the millennials have a positive point of view for crypto assets. They believe that Crypto assets are an alternative to the other Investment things. 

Kraken’s survey claimed that around 4 million Australian people are sure to buy & Invest in crypto in the next 12 month. 

The managing director at Kraken Australia, Jonathan Miller,  told to the Kraken’s Australian subsidiary that the millennials of Australia are looking to invest outside the property based market. And they see crypto as an opportunity.

“Asaffordability continues to be an issue, we’re seeing more young people look for other options to grow wealth”

Report also revealed that around 27% of the men are willing to buy Crypto in the next 12 months. While the women are only 12% which are willing to go with crypto Investment within one year of time.

The 40% of the crypto investors who sold their crypto assets are looking to buy crypto back in the market.

In Australia there are one person out of five persons, who are involved in crypto. While crypto investors have 12.5% in crypto assets. And one out of ten crypto investors have a 25% portfolio of the investment in crypto.

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