5 Essential Tools for Bitcoin Startup CMOS

Data is the new weapon of the tech world. This weapon is not only maintaining the tech world but also maintaining every major sector of today’s world. The secret behind the unbelievable success of tech giant companies is user data. They use the data for their marketing that they collect from users. As we know blockchain is the future of technology. This tech invention helped the system to spread and establish decentralized currency bitcoin. However, if you want to create a successful bitcoin startup you will need to focus on the marketing strategy. Here we will talk about which tools are essential for bitcoin startup CMOs.

Essential tool for bitcoin startup CMOs

CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer. That means this role is responsible for the marketing of a startup or business. The career of a company depends on effective marketing. A nice push-up is needed for cryptocurrency startups. So, you have to ensure the best technique for growing a startup effectively. Here are the topmost important tools that will help a CMO understand the market and how he or can boost the startup forward. 

Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook has a wide range of visitors all over the world. The recent activity status of Facebook shows that around 2.41 billion people have actively used Facebook till now. So guess how much data is stored in the servers of Facebook. As we know Facebook has plenty of other social media sites that also collect every data from the visitor. So, it is an information mine that is filled with Nemours data. Facebook provides a service called Audience insight that supplies every general info about every connected user. So, as a CMO you can use this service to find out your potential bitcoin customers easily. In other words, you can extract the data to use in your email marketing campaign. You can use email software for bitcoin companies that will save your cost and time. You can also connect your Instagram page to extract data from Instagram users. Though you will need a company Facebook page the data is worth it.  


As a bitcoin startup CMO, you have to be up to date with real-time cryptocurrency trends. Otherwise, you will lose the competition easily. There are plenty of tools available for showing the trading of cryptocurrency. But you have to focus on many facets that are mostly available in TradingView. TradingView is an informative and helpful tool to gather crypto data. You can use that data to trade or create effective marketing strategies for your bitcoin startup business. This tool has in-depth market analysis capability, pre-build studies, and more than 50 intelligent drawing tools. The financial analytics tool provides a real-time stock exchange timeline. Overall this is one marketing tool that helps a bitcoin startup successfully trade in the cryptocurrency market. 

Google Trends

Google is the topmost search engine that has every possible data that a human mind can ask. We hear plenty of controversies that Google stores our user activity. Though they decline this controversy most of the time, the real scenario is they store users’ data in many ways. However, Google trend is a tool that shows recent trending topics on the internet. This tool has plenty of supporting technology that ensures the purity of data. So, this tool can be the most important source of finding cryptocurrency trends. So as a CMO, you could be capable of creating new strategies that would help your startup grow. With this tool, you will know how much people are interested in your service or business. With that data, you can apply your marketing strategy to attract potential customers. 


The survey is a popular system of collecting opinions from a group of people. People who are actually interested in that topic participate in the survey. So this method could be a great source of collecting information for potential customers. SurveyMonkey is a popular tool for creating surveys. This tool basically provides a service for creating survey campaigns. You can not only create a survey campaign but also can gather information from any targeted geo-location. This tool is also very useful for CMOS. This process is a long process but you can find real users that are interested in your topic. So you can easily promote your business to them. 

Business & Economic Data

To successfully promote a bitcoin startup, you have to gather business and economic data from your targeted location. There are plenty of ways that provide valuable business and economic data. You have to choose which one covers all your requirements for data collection. However, which data collection you use doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the purity and reliability of that data. Otherwise, the whole marketing strategy of a CMO will be unsuccessful. Especially bitcoin startup CMOs have to be more careful about business and economic data. Because that data adds value to the startup to move forward.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin is the future of the financial revolution. So it is the right time to grow the market of bitcoin startups. In that case, those tools will help the CMOs to understand the market. So they would be capable of applying successful marketing strategies.