50% of Americans want to include crypto in their portfolio: Survey 


The survey revealed that the sentiments among the majority of the American population changed drastically toward the Bitcoin & Crypto sector ahead of the US presidential election.

As per an estimated data nearly 560 million, 6.8% of the world population, invests in cryptocurrencies. A one-year-old survey confirmed that 40% of Americans own Bitcoin or other crypto assets. 

Recently a Harris Poll survey conducted for Grayscale reported a major shift in voter sentiment toward cryptocurrency. The survey noted that almost half of American voters plan to invest in crypto, showing its growing importance in the 2024 US Presidential Election.

Survey data showed that 65% of Bitcoin owners see it as an investment in blockchain’s future. 53% use Bitcoin like money, 43% think of it as a risky investment, 36% see it as digital gold or say a hedge against inflation, and 8% don’t understand it.

It is worth it to note that inflation has influenced people’s interest in Bitcoin significantly. Rising inflation has made 21% of voters shift to a higher degree of interest in Bitcoin, 33% less interested, and 44% haven’t changed their interest because of inflation-related sentiments.

The unclear crypto regulatory environment is also impacting many Americans’ decisions over crypto investment. Survey found that many people do not think about cryptocurrencies. Nearly 2 out of 5 people are waiting for proper rules & laws to get clarity to make sure whether investment in digital assets is legal or not. 

So here we can conclude that the American population’s inclination toward the crypto sector will increase significantly in the future, as crypto bills are on their path to getting approval and also the top influential US presidential candidate Donald Trump becomes crypto-friendly

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