54 years popular show will feature “Bitcoin Beach” of El Salvador


A popular show of El Salvador will feature a Bitcoin adoption-based show of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach.

When Bitcoin was officially introduced in the legal laws of El Salvador on 7 September then at that time El Zonte, a Village in El Salvador, was top in the country showing the rapid adoption of Bitcoin. In El Zonte village, almost every goods and service provider adopted Bitcoin in the payment options. 

El Zonte grabbed attention in not only El Salvador but also in other countries and emerged as “Bitcoin Beach”, the most Bitcoin-friendly region of El Salvador. However, it was not all about the local citizens’ support but also other Bitcoin supporters played a vital roles to make El Zonte popular as “Bitcoin Beach”. 

On 9 April, 60 minutes, a popular news show in El Salvador which has been active since 1968, notified its Twitter followers about the next show and confirmed that it will feature “Bitcoin Beach” on 10 April. 

In the tweet, we can see the journalist of 60 minutes was taking an interview with Mike Peterson, one of the proponent to push El Zonte to emerge are bitcoin Beach.

El Salvador Bitcoin accumulation and Crypto companies support 

Since 7 September,  El Salvador continuously bought Bitcoin at every significant correction in the price of Bitcoin. As of January 2022, El Salvador held a total of 1,801 Bitcoins. 

The country is using bitcoin to reserve government funds and has no plan to sell it in the future. And also they reserved some amounts to use in the national official Bitcoin wallet Chivo to facilitate Bitcoin transactions at a very low cost. 

Besides the service of Chivo wallet, many other crypto Companies are giving services in El Salvador and pushing the local businesses to use Bitcoin-based best wallets to step with the Bitcoin technology. 

An example of the same fact can be seen in the below picture, where the Strike payment app offers a 50% discount on payments with Bitcoin. 

54 years popular show will feature "Bitcoin Beach" of El Salvador 1
Bitcoin Beach. Photo by Jack Farren.

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