700 Bitcoin ATM deploys By Circle K Deploys In Their Stores

Circle K which is a popular transportation fuel retail company and have their business across Canada & U.S have deployed more than 700 Bitcoin ATM machines in their stores. 

The first Bitcoin ATM machine was installed in Singapore and now there are total 10 ATM machines. Out of which 6 are working, which clearly shows the lack of interest of people in Singapore to spend their crypto assets. But in the present time Circle K is increasing the interest of people to spend their crypto assets through Bitcoin ATM machines. They have installed more than 700 ATM machines in different locations in their stores. 

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Bitcoin Depot, a largest Bitcoin ATM installer company, announced their international Partnership with Circle K to install Bitcoin ATM machines in Canada & United States. And also they said that they already deployed more than 700 Bitcoin ATM machines in the 30 different states’ stores of Circle K. 

“As one of the world’s leading convenience and fuel retailers, Circle K is the first major retail chain to deploy bitcoin ATMs within its stores”

Circle K owns 14,200 retail stores in 26 countries and territories. Company claimed that they are big leaders in the convenience store industry and road transportation fuel retail in Canada, Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Ireland. 

Day by day Circle K company is expanding their business in new locations in different countries. Recently they showed their presence in Poland & Hong Kong. 

The Atlanta-based Bitcoin Depot is helping Circle K to deploy a Bitcoin ATM machine under Partnership. Bitcoin Depot allowed around 30 crypto assets to use in Bitcoin ATM machines. Currently Bitcoin Depot operates a total 3,793 bitcoin ATM machines all over all the world.  

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