90% of Americans plans to buy crypto this year: Survey


A survey of Bank of America noted that the majority of the non crypto Investors are planning to go with crypto investment by this year.

At present crypto & blockchain technology adoption is at a tremendous level because of the unique use cases. However recent significant corrections resulted in some downfall in the crypto investment interest but findings of a survey are showing that correction in the crypto market is not downgrading the people’ interested to buy cryptocurrencies as an long investment asset. 

At the beginning of June of this year, Bank of America (BoA) surveyed 1,000 to know about their thinking and plans for Cryptocurrencies.

The findings of the survey noted that 90% of the respondents are willing to buy cryptocurrencies within the next 6 months.

The Report noted that the number of people holding cryptocurrencies was equal to the number of people who were willing to buy cryptocurrencies. This finding is proof that the interest of people to invest in cryptocurrencies is far more than what we are thinking, which has been noted by many crypto skeptics personalities like Warren Buffett many times.

As we know the survey was conducted this month and in that time frame correction in the price of crypto assets was significant but still the survey noted that 30% of respondents said that they will not sell their crypto assets for at least near 6 months of the frame. 

During an interview with CNBC, An analyst for Bank of America, Jason Kupferberg, said that researchers collected their data after the crash of Terra’s native tokens LUNA coin & UST stablecoin and that the results of data were “interesting,” because they showed positive sentiment towards digital assets on the part of investors. 

Jason noted that data pointed out that crypto Investors should be careful with the news because the false news may result in a more accentuated fall in the crypto market. 

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