A Fake “Brazilian Bitcoin king” Arrested With His Wife By Brazil Police

Brazilian newspaper O Globo Reported that Brazil Police Claudio Oliveir who was the pilot of a scam scheme Grupo Bitcoin Banco sham.

A report of Brazilian newspaper, Brazil’s Federal Police caught a criminal who was the head of Bitcoin Banco Sham. He was arrested with his wife.

According to a report, Brazil Police Seized luxury cars, jewelry, and bags of cash  which were in connection with the money laundering gang Curitiba, Paraná.

Criminals managed $1.5 billion with the help of Cryptocurrency use. 

Under the operation named “Daemon”  in which a total of 90 police enforced agents were engaged to solve this case by catching the criminals.

Claudio Oliveir was the main criminal because he was the head pilot of Grupo Bitcoin Banco company . On Monday he was arrested by the police together with his wife.

According to the report, a total of 22 lawsuits have been issued against this criminal.

Grupo Bitcoin Banco sham was a company of bitcoin Investment and people who Invested their money in this company were getting a particular amount of profit on a daily basis. 

But this fraud came into light when the team said they faced some cyberattack and now they are suspending withdrawals for some days.

Around more than 20,000 people Invested in their scam based scheme. But when they stopped withdrawal then few people reported about this incident to Brazil Police and then Brazil Police took action on them and finally they catched the main criminal of this big fraud.

According to records and reports these groups were creating FortNox blockchain to control the funds of their customers. Since it was a fake idea based concept to extend their fraud scheme for long term.

It is also believed that there was a big relationship of this company with the money laundering group and activities. But somehow they got caught by the police.

It should be noticed that this case is very old and people reported about it in the beginning of 2019 after failure, Brazil Police again started their reinvestigation in this case at the end of 2019.

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