A hacker drains more than $2.1M from Ethereum ‘vanity addresses’


A hacker drained a huge amount of funds from several ETH vanity addresses, which were generated by the victims with the Profanity tool.

Profanity is a tool, which helps ETH lovers to create ETH addresses with unique identities. Here we can compare vanity addresses with attractive mobile numbers or vehicle numbers, for which people pay a huge amount of extra money. Around a year ago, the development work on the Profanity was stopped by the backend team, as per the information shared by an anonymous developer of this ETH vanity addresses generator tool.

On 15 September, A popular decentralized exchange 1inch published a blog post to warn people about the risks associated with vanity addresses and also mentioned Profanity. In short, the exchange warned the ETH Profanity vanity addresses generated users to transfer funds to a safe address.

1inch said:

“Your money is NOT SAFU if your wallet address was generated with the Profanity tool. Transfer all of your assets to a different wallet ASAP.”

On 17 September, ZachXBT, a blockchain analytic platform, reported that a hacker(s) successfully drained around $3.3 million worth of crypto assets from the vanity addresses, which were created with the Profanity tool.

Further ZachXBT informed that around $1.2 million worth of crypto assets out of $3.3 million was saved by a real owner because of the detected hack information shared by ZachXBT.

Here, we would like to suggest to all the crypto investors not to show off in friend circles or publicly on behalf of third-party crypto services because it can cause huge fund loss. 

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