A man faces fraud charges over secret crypto mining in Massachusetts school


Nadeem Nahas secretly used $18k worth of electricity to run crypto miners in a school in Massachusetts.

Crypto mining is a process to support the crypto network via high-powered crypto mining machines for rewards in crypto assets. To this date, crypto mining falls under the category of commercial activities, so it is not easy for people to run crypto mining rigs to generate easy profit. The majority of the big companies run their crypto mining business on a very big scale to generate net positive earnings.

Nadeam Nahas, a former facilities worker in a school in Massachusetts (United States), was allegedly running 11 crypto mining rigs. Reportedly he was running those crypto-mining activities secretly, which means he was paying nothing for the electricity he was using. 

Nadeem ran those crypto miners between April 28 and Dec. 14 in 2021 and used $17,492.57 worth of electricity. 

Reportedly this guy failed to appear in court for such allegations, so a default warrant has been issued against this person over illegal crypto-mining activities. 

Initially, the investigation was initiated in late 2021 when Cohasset’s facilities director noticed computers, wiring, and ductwork. The whole investigation indicated fingers toward Nadeem. 

Many crypto Twitter users noted that Nadeam was not much wise because he was running 7-8 years old crypto mining machines & probably he was making nothing because old crypto miners are not efficient to the current date of the competition. 

Earlier, in mid of 2021, The Malaysian government authorities destroyed a very big amount of crypto mining rigs, which were confiscated from the homes of many citizens. The majority of the citizens were using domestic electricity at a low cost to run Bitcoin mining machines.

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