A person creates a successful meme token ($12 million) via ChatGPT


An anonymous developer shared a real story to explain how he created a crypto token successfully and the token became popular within 24 hours. 

ChatGPT is an automatic chatbot that can perform several online tasks on behalf of simple text commands. This AI bot was launched in late 2022 by OpenAI firm and after that huge numbers of companies jumped in the race for AI chatbot development. 

On 20 Sep 2023, An anonymous Ethereum developer explained the real success story to explain how he used the ChatGPT & self-created code to develop ETH-20 tokens using Open Zeppelin standards. The ETH developer designed the token name & other parameters for the token on behalf of the guidance of ChatGPT. 

The current trade price of this token is 14% higher since the time it was launch (1 day back)

A person creates a successful meme token ($12 million) via ChatGPT 1

The current trade volume of this token is $12 million which is a very big amount for any new meme token, launched without any support of private institutions.

ChatGPT & Misuse

However many companies are in the race for AI chatbot development and are trying to bring a better level of AI tech solutions to bring efficiency into online activities. 

It is a harsh reality that with the AI development race, the bad actors are also showing significant competition in this sector to conduct cyber crimes. 

Bad actors are creating fake audio & video clips & creating deep fake videos to easily drag the attention of victims. Some cyber security firms claimed that bad actors are using chatbots to develop new trojans & viruses to hack computers or conduct cyber attacks. 

Just a few months back, we reported that a Chinese app provides paid service to create any deep fake video belonging to any real-life person, and reportedly many bad actors misused that app. 

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