A Russian Stole $217,440 worth of crypto mining rig, don’t know how to use

A strange case was found in Russia where a person stole a crypto mining rig of his friend. 

A strange case comes into light, when a guy steals a crypto mining rig from his friend’s garage. When the owner was not in his garage, his friend entered the garage and took out cryptocurrency mining equipment worth 1.6 million rubles ($217,440.)

Later, when the victim reported this matter to the local police, Investigation reached toward his own friend. 

Under the Investigation reports, Police said that the person who stole the mining equipment, was not able to operate and didn’t know how to use it. So he returned to his friend. 

“ended up returning everything — and admitted he couldn’t use the stolen goods because he lacked understanding about how crypto worked”

Right now this thief is suspended for 3 years. And also after three year he will face a probationary period of three years. 

Probably that guy will not face jail because he returned the stolen item. But surely some problems in future he will face because of this case.

Here is something that is still worth to notice. According to the latest survey, 77% of Russians want to go with crypto but still there is a lack of education. Probably the whole world needs a huge amount of crypto education, otherwise people will use this crypto industry only to buy/sell assets.

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