A Tech executive arrests in Cash App creator death case


Nima Momeni is arrested by the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) as a suspect in Bob Lee’s death. 

Bob Lee was the former chief technology officer of Square and the creator of the Cash App. CashApp is a popular payment app in the US & UK, which also supports Bitcoin trading & use of the Bitcoin lightning network to pay money in small amounts. On 4 April, Lee was found dead following a stabbing in San Francisco. 

On 13 April 2023, a Local news media outlet reported that San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) arrested tech executive Nima Momeni in the CashApp creator death case. 

Reportedly Lee was connected to a vehicle owned by Momeni during the morning of the attack that led to his death. The investigation found that Momeni is appearing as one of the biggest suspects in this case but here it will be too early to comment against him because the investigation is going on and here we should wait to see the real culprit behind Lee’s death. 

San Francisco: a City Of Violence

In the last 12-months of the time frame, we reported news about more than half a dozen crypto companies that decided to leave San Francisco citing violence at night time.

In April 2022, We reported that Kraken’ decided to close its San Francisco based headquarter. At that time, Kraken failed to disclose the main reason but many people claimed that the decision was made because of surging theft & other criminal activities in San Francisco, on behalf of a statement passed by Kraken’s CEO.

Another US-based Crypto company Coinbase was also founded in San Francisco and also was headquartered in the same city but later in 2020 closed its headquarter permanently  and went fully online.

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