Adam curry says bitcoin is different from all crypto

Popular American podcaster shared his stance on Bitcoin and explained why it is different from every asset. 

Bitcoin is popular by name but not by use because of its limitation to remain with the traditional consensus. No one can change the rules of pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, and if the community will not follow the actual rules of Bitcoin whitepaper then surely Bitcoin will no longer remain Bitcoin, that is why all the supporters of Bitcoin are supporting bitcoin for its traditional rules and system. And these things are making Bitcoin a real king of this world as the best asset.

Adam Curry is an internet entrepreneur, former MTV VJ, and podcasting pioneer. He appeared recently in a podcast with Joe Rogan. 

Adam was questioned by the podcaster that he thinks this crypto industry is based on two assets Bitcoins and Ethereum, whether these are better ships to live life or it is all going to break.

On this, first of all, Adam tried to distinguish between Bitcoin and Ethereum. Adam said that Bitcoin is limited with a total 21 million supply but here Ethereum is not fixed and it is inflationary. So we can’t say both of these two are the same. 

So, Adam tried to distinguish Bitcoin from all crypto assets totally and tried to explain that he is a real bitcoin believer. 

Further, Adam noted that money is broken and inflation is a big problem to go with it. But here Bitcoin plays a better and safer option for him to go with bitcoin. 

“I’m just on the Bitcoin train because I believe my money is safer there. The money system is broken, it causes inflation, misery, it causes wars because it’s linked to oil, so we have to protect all that.”

Further Adman asserted that Bitcoin is real blockchain-based crypto because it is still the same and no change took place but history is proof that Ethereum changed much. 

“If you look at the history of (Ethereum), changes can be made”

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