Adidas Partners With Coinbase crypto exchange

The popular brand, Adidas, established a partnership with the Crypto exchange Coinbase after the latest week partnership with the virtual decentralized platform Sandbox. 

After the initiative of Facebook by rebranding the name of the Facebook company and creation the virtual world with Metaverse, many crypto and non-crypto platforms seem eager with Facebook’s idea of virtual reality. 

On 24 November, Adidas announced that they established a partnership with the Coinbase exchange and probably nothing. 

Here, through the tweet, we can see clearly that not many details were provided regarding the initiative of Adidas company. 

However, reports claimed that Adidas is going to enter the Metaverse initiative. Because recently Adidas established a partnership with the metaverse playground The Sandbox. 

Many reports claimed that Adidas will use Sandbox Coinbase exchange to do a better entry into the Metaverse. However, all these are part of rumours and expectations. Because before this, many people claimed that Adidas may consider accepting crypto or digital assets based payment on their platform directly for their shoes and other products. 

Coinbase toward Metaverse?

A few months ago, Coinbase exchange announced its initiative for the Coinbase NFTs marketplace. And also the exchange got a huge response from the crypto community regarding the Coinbase NFTs project. 

If we look in the real real-life case of the NFTs then there are many companies and brands, which are ready to pay for their Brand and quotes based on newly designed artworks. Coinbase is probably looking towards such opportunities to spread around the world. 

There are chances that Adidas wants to do something unique with its brand value and logo by launching NFTs collectibles or maybe they want to promote their Brand with digital blockchain technology-based NFTs concept in Unique ways. 

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