AI Company Rabbit Accused of NFT Scam Cover-Up by Coffeezilla


Coffeezila noted that Rabbit firm tried to conduct Gama NFT-like scam & also tried best to cover the game.

Coffeezilla is a popular YouTube channel run by Stephen Findeisen, known for investigating and exposing online scams, particularly in the cryptocurrency space. The channel delves into fraudulent schemes, uncovering deceptive practices by influencers, crypto projects, and various online platforms. 

On 21 May 2024, YouTube channel Coffeezila host Stephen published a new video to explain how artificial intelligence (AI) company Rabbit established a nonfungible token (NFT) scam and attempted to hide it.

Stephen explained that Rabbit became famous early this year, raising $30 million from investors and selling $20 million in products.

Online scam investigator noted that the majority of people don’t know that Rabbit Inc. which was previously called Cyber Manufacture Co. had raised $6 million for a wild NFT project.

Furthermore, Stephen explained that with the project they aimed to push the crypto investors toward Gama coin by using the hypothetical concept of the solar energy-powered crypto blockchain network. 

Following this investigation report, the Coffeezila host faced pressure from the Rabbit firm. Following some constructive discussion between both parties, Stephen noted that there are still huge things that are missing, as they failed to talk about many concerns.

All these things show how crypto entrepreneurs swap their roles for different projects with different identities to make sudden money. This report is a lesson for people to study the past & future of crypto projects before investing. So do self-research on every crypto project, before trusting blindly on behalf of third-party reviews or research.

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