AMFEIX Fund – Where Crypto Investors Make Unmatched Profits

Cryptocurrency investors are now reaping huge gains by investing their Bitcoins with the AMFEIX fund. The fund, managed by AMFEIX Digital Asset Management, allows investors to receive huge returns by trading in specific crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairings. With only 0.02 BTC, investors can earn very lucrative gains without spending countless hours in trading their crypto.

Pseudo-anonymous Trading doesn’t use a know-your-customer policy (KYC) to verify the identity of investors depositing their money with them. Instead, users are only required to set up their wallet name, seed phrases and a password.

Simple Registration Procedure

Registering with AMFEIX is pretty straightforward. Investors create their wallets on the platform, and then they transfer their bitcoin holdings to the new wallet. Within 24 hours, the funds deposited in the fund’s platform will appear.

No Flat Fees

Acting as a fund manager, AMFEIX doesn’t charge any fund handling or management fees. Instead, the firm uses the principle of “if you make money, we make money” in its investments. In other words, it charges a 20% flat-rate fee on the profit generated. 

Fair Profit Distribution 

AMFEIX’s profit-sharing formula is fair and transparent. The firm offers investors 80% of the generated profits and retains 20%. All gains are calculated in BTC, while losses are split among investors based on their ratio in the investment pool.

Incremental Capital

Investors who are not quick to cash on their profits can relax and observe their wealth grow over time. The fund allocates investors profits, which can be added to their capital to increase future profits.

Hassle-free Withdrawal Procedure

By a click of a button, investors can withdraw their profits. Once they click on the withdraw button to make a request, after approval, they will receive the funds in their wallet. 

Calm Termination Procedure

Investors wishing to terminate their contract with AMFEIX will find the procedure stress-free. Users only need to make a termination request on the platform and wait for 24 hours to receive their BTC in their wallets. After that, they can transfer their BTC to their wallet of choice.

Safe investment policy

AMFEIX only trades with 30-50% of the pool of funds at any point in time. The policy ensures that investors’ funds are protected from any adverse trading decisions that may result in the fund making considerable losses.

Guaranteed Security of Funds

AMFEIX uses a couple of strategies to protect and insulate investors’ funds from theft and losses, respectively. Using different security layers, the firm ensures that investors’ funds are inaccessible to hackers.

The firm uses cold storage as a means of protecting the inactive BTC in their custody. The storage method is foolproof and is highly recommended because it is secure, especially when it comes to protecting cryptocurrency theft from hackers.

AMFEIX is decentralised and secure from any potential hacks because of the robustness of the underlying Ethereum blockchain.

The platform provides a unique 12 words seed key to new users to secure their wallets from any malicious access. Any attempt to log in from any device is easily detected to protect investors’ funds from theft.

Mouth-watering Referral Program provides a mouth-watering referral program that can enable investors to increase their profits. Using a referral link, users of the platform can invite their friend to invest their BTC with the fund. Once they deposit their crypto, the inviter will earn 10 % of the profits generated by their invitees.

Cryptocurrencies have made tremendous progress, overcoming mistrust and scepticism and are increasingly becoming financial assets. AMFEIX provides a unique investment vehicle, which enables investors to make huge returns on their Bitcoin holdings.