Amid Bitcoin price crash, McDonald getting popularity

Crypto market proponents are now moving toward another next-level meme with fast-food chain McDonald’s. 

In the last 4-5 days, the crypto market faced a very big correction and that resulted in a very critical situation for the crypto traders because of red and more than 50% down in the portfolio value. After the double crash, many crypto traders started to discuss on Twitter that they will do jobs at fast-food restaurants and a few of them started to tag McDonald, a popular fast-food chain. 

The popularity of McDonald’s link with bitcoin and crypto reached its peak in the crypto Twitter community when El Salvador president Nayib Bukele updated his Twitter profile picture by wearing a McDonald Cap. 

McDonald’s is also taking advantage of this situation and showing rapid activities in the crypto community. 

On 25 January, McDonald tweeted to the crypto community about how people are running crypto Twitter accounts. And also in response Binance exchange tweeted a meme ( showing a smiling face but weeping internally).

This tweet of McDonald’s is getting huge response from almost every leading crypto exchange. 

Even Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson also shared his happiness today that McDonald started to follow him. 

Right now the price of bitcoin is standing at $36,650 and this price is 13% low over its last 7 days record fall. However, the majority of the experts say that Bitcoin will soon recover because whales are continuously buying it, and also the majority of the investors are supporting bitcoin as a reserved global currency.

Bloomberg Strategist Mike McGlone also shared his stance on this correction in Bitcoin price and predicted that Bitcoin will soon recover. 

“Cryptos are tops among the risky and speculative. If risk assets decline, it helps the Fed’s inflation fight. Becoming a global reserve asset, Bitcoin may be a primary beneficiary in that scenario.”

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