Anthony Pompliano describes Shiba Inu as Dog Poo

Crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano shared his stance on the Shiba Inu coin and described Shiba as Dog Poo because of no use. 

Anthony Pompliano is a popular crypto influencer and popularly known for his “Best Business TV show”. Usually, they interview high profile personalities of the crypto space and sometimes non-crypto also.  On 28 October, Pompliano talked about the Shiba Inu coin. 

Through the Best Business TV show, Pompliano said that no doubt a person made more than $5 billion through his $8000 investment in Shiba. But it was an individually personal trade. But here Shiba Inu coins have no actual value. 

According to Pompliano, there is no single reason to buy Shiba Inu coin except trading. 

“There is ZERO reasons why somebody should be owning Shiba Inu other than it may go up because other people are going to buy it”

Further Pompliano said that the development team of Shiba is not doing any development on Shiba Inu.

“There’s no development activity, there’s no value underlying it… this is dog poo!”

Pompliano took the reference of a MorningBrew article and admitted the success that an individual trader made through Shiba Inu investment. Pompliano claimed that we can’t make billions through investment at present.

“Yes, somebody bought $8,000 and turned it into $5.7 billion, but if you tried to go sell that $5.7 billion of Shiba Inu what would happen is that the price would crash so drastically that I would question whether you could get a billion out.”

In the end, Pompliano described a well-known title on meme coins and said “trading on meme coins is just like gambling”. And claimed that this is not an Investment strategy. 

Shiba Inu getting huge support 

Every crypto believer supported Pompliano’ stance on the Shiba inu coin. Even Elon Musk recently denied owning Shib Inu coin, but in actuality, the Shiba Inu coin is getting a very high level of support in the crypto industry. 

On 29 October, AMC Entertainment also tweeted a poll to add Shiba inu coin to their crypto payment services. At present more than 80% of people are supporting Shiba inu. 

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