Apple vs Coinbase controversy may result in crypto adoption


The fight between the Apple App Store & Coinbase wallet NFTs support may force Apple to adopt crypto payments as an alternative payment system.

Apple Inc is a popular US-based company, which is itself a top-ranked company by market capitalization. However, Apple is itself a tech adaptive company but the company is not ready to bring a better ecosystem for the crypto sector to evolve. Just a few months ago, Apple announced that no one app in its app store can provide NFTs purchases without going through the in-app purchase system. Apple’s in-app purchase system charges a 30% purchase commission on each NFT purchase from the buyer, which is a bad thing for the crypto NFTs sector adoption & also for the apps which are providing NFTs purchase via their apps to Apple mobile users. 

On 1 December, Coinbase announced that NFTs transactions on Coinbase wallet are now not allowed for iOS users because of the new policy of the Apple company. 

Coinbase wallet noted that Apple wants a 30% commission on every NFTs purchase but it will not be easy for Coinbase wallet because Apple doesn’t accept Crypto payments in its in-app purchase system directly and crypto blockchain technology doesn’t work in this ways. 

“For anyone who understands how NFTs and blockchains work, this is not possible. Apple’s proprietary In-App Purchase system does not support crypto so we couldn’t comply even if we tried,” Coinbase Wallet stated.

Further Coinbase wallet suggested the Apple company bring new policies in its ecosystem to protect iPhone users from their NFTs investment. 

Now in this situation, Coinbase can’t do anything but can help Apple to bring new policies & introduce new features in its ecosystem so that crypto-related services can evolve in the ecosystem of Apple. 

The Coinbase wallet team invited Apple to work on these issues and probably Coinbase talents may help to introduce crypto payment as an option in the ecosystem of Apple’s app store, so that iPhone users can easily deal with NFTs trades. 

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