Ark Invest CEO Wood shows full support for Bitcoin-friendly US presidential candidate Trump 


Cathie Wood said that she would vote for Donald Trump for a better economic future in the U.S.

ARK Investment Management LLC, founded by Cathie Wood in 2014, specialises in disruptive innovation. The firm invests in cutting-edge technologies like AI, robotics, DNA sequencing, and blockchain through actively managed ETFs. Cathie Wood, the CEO and CIO is known for her bold investment strategies, making her a prominent figure in the finance world.

Speaking at the Millionaire Symposium event in Las Vegas this weekend, Cathie Wood said that she would vote for the person who would do the best for the economy. She emphasised that she bases her vote on economic considerations and, on that basis, she would support former US president Donald Trump.

Wood also referenced economist Arthur Laffer, who was an economic advisor to Trump’s 2016 campaign. She noted that the first three years of the Trump administration, before the COVID-19 pandemic, were the “best in U.S. economic history.”

Ark Invest CEO is popularly known in the crypto space for her optimistic views on Bitcoin’s price. Recently, she garnered attention with her bold prediction that Bitcoin could reach $3.8 million by 2030. Wood’s positive outlook is mainly based on her belief that institutional investors will significantly raise their Bitcoin allocations, potentially dedicating over 5% of their portfolios to cryptocurrency.

It is worth noting that one of the wealthiest individuals, Elon Musk, currently supports Donald Trump. Today, Musk stated that every political party has some bad working history and indirectly defended Donald Trump against critics.

Currently, Trump is getting huge support from the American population. Crypto people also showed significant support for him, as he promised to allow friendly bills for this innovative sector.

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