Atomic Crypto wallet facing criticism, after giving security update


The majority of the crypto traders criticized the popular self-custody crypto wallet “Atomic”, as the team failed to provide clarity over the hacking incident that occurred in the first week of this month.

Atomic Wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet, that provides cross-chain crypto trading under a decentralized environment. In the first week of this month, huge numbers of Atomic Wallet users reported that their funds disappearedtheirom the wallet. Later investigations found that Atomic Wallet was exploited by an unknown hacker(s).

Last week Atomic Wallet team reported that only 0.1% of users were affected in the hacking incident, which occurred in the first week of this month & also confirmed that no such report came to light after that week.

Furthermore, the Atomic Wallet team confirmed that the new security update in the Atomic Wallet is highly safe and also audited by third-party independent auditors. 

On the stolen funds from the Atomic wallet users, the Atomic allet team confirmed that it will remain engaged with crypto investigators & other crypto companies to trace & recover the funds. 

In the overall update, the Atomic Wallet team failed to provide any clarification about what happened behind the hack incident & what the team did to fix the issue, in order to prevent similar kinds of incidents in the future.

Over the past few days, the Atomic Wallet team faced huge criticism. Many people pledged not to use Atomic Wallet, to remain away from such garbage service.

In the hack attack, the hacker grabbed nearly $100 million worth of crypto assets and so far the identity of the hacker is hidden & it seems that people will not be able to trace the main culprit, as the hacker laundered the funds through popular Ethereum crypto mixing platform Tornado Cash. 

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