Australia is now 3rd biggest hub for Bitcoin ATMs


Now 234 Crypto ATMs are helping people to cash-out & cash-in crypto assets in Australia.

Australia is a very big region where Crypto adoption can be seen at a very level. In the last few years, Australian companies showed significant Inclination toward the Crypto-focused businesses, and also many Aussi policymakers helped to bring a better ecosystem for Crypto companies to deal with the regulatory challenges.

According to the data available on CoinATMradar, There are a total of 234 Bitcoin kiosks in Australia, which makes this country top 3rd in terms of total Bitcoin ATMs holders, after Canada & the United States.
Interestingly the growth of Bitcoin ATMs in Australia took placed in the last few months. Just a few months ago we reported that Spain was ranked at third position with a total of 222 Bitcoin ATMs.

Australia is now 3rd biggest hub for Bitcoin ATMs 1
Source: CoinATMRadar

In Q4 2022, Australia welcomed a total of 99 Bitcoin ATMs in the country. Opposite of the growth of Bitcoin ATMs in Australia, Spain lost a total of 4 Bitcoin ATMs.

Bitcoin bull country El Salvador is standing at 5th rank in this race. Total bitcoin ATMs in El Salvador surged rapidly in the last couple of years, as El Salvador president Nayib Bukele announced 200 Bitcoin ATMs installation in the country as a part of the Bitcoin adoption plan.

To this date, there are 33,387 Bitcoin ATMs in the US and 2,256 ATMs in Canada.

These data findings are showing that Bitcoin ATMs numbers are growing rapidly in almost every Crypto friendly country despite ongoing turbulence in the Crypto market, where many people lost their money in big amounts. For example FTX bankruptcy along with Alameda Research & FTXUS, Terra(Luna) collapse, Celsius bankruptcy, Voyager Digital bankruptcy (which is now under the acquisition of Binance exchange), BlockFi bankruptcy, Genesis Trading bankruptcy, etc.

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