Australia surpassed Asia in terms of total Bitcoin ATMs installed


Now the total number of Bitcoin ATMs in Australia is more than the total numbers of Crypto ATMs in whole Asia. 

Australia is a very big region in the world where a very big population trades crypto assets. Under the jurisdiction of Australia crypto assets are not financial assets and this is the reason why the majority of the crypto businesses are out of the regulation system but still crypto trading is legal in this country.

According to available data on Bitcoin ATMs tracking website Coin ATM Radar, In this year Australia jumped from 5th position to 3rd position in the world in terms of the total number of Bitcoin ATMs in the country. 

Data shows that Australia became the top country to push crypto adaptive efforts in Q1 2023. 

Australia surpassed Asia in terms of total Bitcoin ATMs installed 1

It is worth noting that the country is continuously adding Bitcoin ATMs since the last 8 months, a time frame where the crypto sector was moving via the winter phase. 

In the same time frame, the EU & US like big countries saw a reduction in the number of crypto ATMs because of strict regulatory pressure on the crypto companies. 

In Asia (China, India, Japan, & Singapore) there are 355 crypto ATMs, while this number is 364 in Australia. 

Amid this good news about the crypto sector in Australia, we can see a bad figure all over the world where net total numbers of crypto ATMs plunged. 

Reports believe that surging Crypto ATMs in Australia is taking place because of the increasing Aussie government’s effort toward crypto regulation. 

In the second quarter of this year, Australia will release its crypto token regulation mapping consultation paper.

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