Australian firm Zip Co will offer crypto buy, sell, hold, and pay

An Australian firm Zip Co unveils their plans to expand their services with the integration of crypto enabled features in their platform. 

In The present time, almost all the payment network based companies are getting into crypto because these companies know very well that crypto is a trend and the future of crypto will give new opportunities for them to establish their business. Zip Co became the latest to reveal its plan for crypto features..

Zip Co is an Australian buy now pay later firm. 

Peter Gray, co-founder of Zip Co, shared the future plans of the company to allow crypto payments. 

According to Gray, Zip Co will allow their users to trade and pay in the crypto assets easily. 

“millennial finance diet” by offering the ability to buy, sell, hold, and pay in crypto using the company’s mobile app”

Gray didn’t talk about the exact date of the crypto related features availability but he clarified that there are huge chances that they will introduce crypto within the next 12 months in their app. 

Zip also confirmed that the company is developing a number of crypto related features for their buy now pay later based platform, so they can give a better user experience with the crypto. And users can pay for the goods in installments, obviously with the crypto. 

The rollout for the crypto features will start from the U.S region and then they will expand it in other regions. And also the company claimed that with the crypto features they will become the first BNPL firm in the crypto market. 

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