AXE initiative For DogeCoin “Dogecoin Axe body spray”

A body spray company ” AXE” is now entering the crypto space to support “DogeCoin” through their own way of marketing strategy.

Elon Musk played an important role in pushing the DogeCoin toward the moon. Most of the people forgot the dream of “DogeCoin to the moon”, but there are marketing teams which are supporting DogeCoin to push toward the moon. AXE is now doing marketing for DogeCoin through their scent products.

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AXE announced their free ” DogeCoin AXE body spray” for people. Everyone who wants to get free cans can do a registration which is free of cost. The registration will begin July 20, at 10:00 AM. Visit at their official website to register. 

They are distributing “DogeCoin AXE Body spray” free of cost but in limited numbers, so don’t wait and register to get it for yourself. 

At AXE body spray cans we can see the DogeCoin logo and also a doge on a can while wearing sunglasses which is kind of similar to the Elon Musk sunglasses. 

AXE initiative For DogeCoin "Dogecoin Axe body spray" 1

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When the image of AXE DogeCoin body spread on the internet then many people thought that its just photoshopped and just a fake campaign to create hype for DogeCoin. 

But the AXE company itself announced about it through Twitter and told their followers about this thing.

The company claimed that they are helping DogeCoin to push toward the moon by Increasing its price by $1. Probably it will be a big milestone if we can do it.

In the present time DogeCoin is getting hype in the United states because of the initiative marketing strategy of AXE.

And also in the present time it is getting lots of hype in the crypto community.

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