Banks are Freezing User Accounts for Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin users are discussing on Twitter’s account that from last week banks have been bitter about their accounts when they buy BTC.


  • ‘My bank account was frozen today’
  • Canadian banks block Coinbase BTC purchases
  • BoA blocking top execs’ accounts over Bitcoin.

At this moment COVID -19 pandemic is Deathly on the loose even wall street hedge funds conclude Bitcoin to be a secure, retreat asset, alongside gold, the ” Rich Dad Poor Dad ” author Robert Kiyosaki has even put out to be a meticulous BTC defender, Advising it exactly next to Gold and Silver.

On the other hand, although banks pretend to be treating Bitcoin as their rival and freezing the client’s accounts, who are purchasing BTC. Investors have been expressing the condition on Twitter.

‘My bank account was frozen today’

Twitter user @HealThyself15 has posted on his account where he said that his bank account got stuck after he started to buy Bitcoin a week ago almost but after connecting with the bank within half an hour, the solution was given.

“My bank account was frozen today because I’ve been buying #bitcoin all week. So I had to call my bank and wait on hold for 30 minutes to talk to someone to unfreeze it. Which was a good reminder of why I was buying Bitcoin in the first place.”

Canadian banks block Coinbase BTC purchases

Another Twitter user-supported @HealThyself15, the same intimacy from Canada. He specially stated that banks are sealing payments on the Coinbase exchange.

@Stan_Raz tweets:

“In Canada, banks block coinbase purchases and you have to call to unblock. I had to call 3-4 different times and then I convinced some others to buy and they had the same issue. #fuckbanks”

User @TomasPhilosophy shared his experience when sending money to Coinbase:

“My bank calls me every time I transfer money to Coinbase. I just talked with them actually. “Where did you get this account info from? A friend?” “Do you have an account there or?”

A remarkable group of other members also showed such happenings with them in the comment thread.

BoA freezing top execs’ accounts over Bitcoin

Previously, U.Today reported that a former top executive of PayPal, Roelof Botha, the last 20 years he was a high profile customer, his relationship with the bank had been broken by the bank.

The Bitcoin family considered that Botha had been collecting Bitcoin. Variously, except from being a formar PayPal high level executive, Botha is also a big investor in Silicon Valley.

Tron CEO Justin Sun later tweeted that the same bank had frozen his account as well.

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