Big Korean Bank launched the custody services for cryptocurrencies


Initiative to Crypto Custody Service successfully held by Kookmin which is the largest bank in South Korea, reported on 27 March 2020.

The bank has filed A trademark application for “KBDAC” – KB Digital Asset Custody, filled by Bank.

The services aim to be continued soon.

The Initiative of crypto custody service for bitcoin and ether, held by KB Kookmin, the largest bank in South Korea.

According to Friday’s report, A trademark application for “KBDAC” – KB Digital Asset Custody, filled by the bank by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, local news outlet.

According to the application, filed on January 31, states that the bank will step forward to render out required service. The report states that trademark application boasts the Institution to process out the branding of the products and services, and continue to get development work complete.

June 2019, KBDAC specify about what the bank actually does with blockchain startup Atomrigs Lab but got lowered to comment on the recommended date, stated by KB Kookmin Bank official to the digital.

June 2019 resulted in KB to establish a partnership with Atomrigs Lab in order to develop a crypto custody service. Atomrigs Lab held up a product, using multi-party computation cryptography technology to secure cryptocurrencies.

Instead of a fixed private key, the technology generates random key shares. In order to get an output that gets a transaction to authorize, the keys shares are stored and computed separately.

Fridays report states, Constituted with crypto custody service, KB is engaged out in rendering related services to digital assets such as trading, investment advisory, and asset management, per Friday’s report.

Report states, The bank’s entry needs to be the catalyst to get alter the entire financial sector of South Korea into the crypto space. other top top rival banks Shinhan, Hana and Woori held up into the industry.

Recently, South Korean lawmakers voted to get anti-money-laundering (AML) rules for crypto firm’s effect to an amendment to Korea’s existing Financial Information Act. The act states,  registering the entire crypto firms with regulators in the country.

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