Biggest Crash in World History Coming, Bitcoin Will Hit $24,000”:

According to Robert Kiyosaki, Financial influencer and entrepreneur, Bitcoin may drop to $24,000. And this crash will be a record crash of the Cryptocurrency market.

Prominent entrepreneur, influencer and the author of  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book on financial literacy Robert Kiyosaki has shared his point of view about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency on Twitter.

As all of us can see,  many countries’ governments are adopting Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency as a legal currency and few of them are going with full regulation.

And also many Biggest investment in the Cryptocurrency assets & projects can seen in present time.

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So these movements at a big level forced Robert Kiyosaki to look and put his opinion about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.

On twitter he shared his point of view in very small numbers.

Kiyosaki tweeted

The bubble is growing fast and “the biggest crash in world history is coming”.

by kiyosaki

But here he is not trying to criticize Bitcoin potential. Even he is predicting the future but still with that he is saying that it is going to be a opportunity also because at dump people can buy easily in bulk amount.

According to him, the price of Bitcoin may hit $24,000 dollars.

Well we can see that Kiyosaki supported Bitcoin in history. Where he didn’t slam those traditional assets like gold and silver.

He supported Gold , Silver like assets with Bitcoin. 

Since here we are not financial advisors, but here we are only sharing information from social media with 100% accuracy. But here accuracy of prediction by experts may or may not be 100% accurate. So don’t panic with this information.