Billionaire Bill Gross reveals he is also a bitcoin investor


Bill Gross revealed that he also has an Investment in Bitcoin besides meme coins trading. 

Adoption of the crypto industry is surging rapidly and the situation is showing that no more crypto winters may enter the crypto industry because of its huge use cases outside the trading options. Adoption can be seen in retail, financial institutions and also by one country El Salvador. Over time, the situation is getting Changing day by day. 

Bill Gross is known as an investor in Bonds. He is a billionaire who Co-founded Pacific Investment Management Co.( PIMCO) and also has an interest in meme coins. Usually, they trade with the Meme coins to make money.

Bill also holds Bitcoin in small amounts. Popularly he is known as “King of Bonds.” Recently he appeared in an interview

The billionaire said that he is active in the crypto industry as a trader and holder, despite mixed thinking on crypto. That means, he is not sure about the future of the crypto industry but he is taking advantage of the current shining situation of this industry and probably he will continue with such thinking. 

Citadel founder on crypto 

Earlier this, Billionaire Ken Griffin, CEO of American fund management service company Citadel, recently showed his positive stances on the crypto industry and noted that we have to focus more on the crypto industry. 

In the past, Ken stated that we don’t need cryptocurrencies and also passed many negative statements on crypto from time to time. But in the latest interviews, he confirmed that his firm will show some significant steps in crypto in the next few months. 

All these things are showing that it is all a matter of time. Here the crypto industry needed to prove its potential more in the future to get a place in the hearts of almost all the people of the world. 

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