Binance accidentally pumps a new meme token sharply


Binance’s recent tweet acted as a catalyst to pump the trade price of Mumu/Bull tokens. 

Binance is the top crypto exchange by 24-hour hours crypto trade volume on this platform. In July 2017, this exchange was launched & within a few years secured top rank, thanks to its user-friendly highly secured crypto trading services. In the present time, this exchange is struggling badly in Nigeria, & the US crypto market.

On 21 March 2024, The Binance team tweeted a single emoji of a bull. 

Amid the crypto bull phase, the Binance team tried to create more push in the bull sentiments with this bull emoji but many crypto traders took this tweet as an opportunity to make money.

This tweet acted as a catalyst to pump the trade price of Bull animal-themed crypto tokens rapidly.

This rapid increment in the trade price of meme tokens is a very big proof that the hype around meme crypto tokens is very big and almost everyone in this space is ready to invest in meme tokens in very small amounts. 

It is worth it to note that the number of new tokens born on the Solala network is surging rapidly. In the last week, we reported that the Solana network saw the birth of an average 7.8k new SPL tokens on Solana per day in the past few weeks.

However, some people are turning their small amount of investment into a very big amount by investing in these meme tokens but the majority of them are losing but they are not losing hope. 

Many bad actors are taking advantage of this meme token trend and they’re getting easy funding through the pre-sale of new meme tokens without any need for trust level. 

Popular crypto detective ZachXBT reported many bad actors who ran fake meme tokens pre-sale offerings & ran away with money.

In the latest, ZachXBT reported how a dev successfully raised 877 Ethereum (ETH) via the pre-sale of a new token on the Base network and just after fundraising he stole $900k. 

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