Binance CEO Owns Only Bitcoin and Binance Coin

Binance CEO revealed that he is holding Binance coin and Bitcoin only. He bought Bitcoin in 2014, however, he spent his Bitcoin over the years. 

Binance is a popular crypto exchange of the crypto market and it is known for its pro-level crypto trading services for its users. This year, this exchange faced huge scrutiny issues by the regulars of many countries. But now in the present time, the exchange is active to improve and change the system of workings its crypto business to comply with the laws and regulations in the global crypto framework rules. 

In the latest, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao appeared in an interview with the Associated Press. Zhao revealed that most of the portfolio is a part of the Binance coin holding. However, he is holding some Bitcoins, which he bought in 2014. 

It is worth noting, Zhao didn’t reveal his exact crypto holdings and how much worth of crypto he has but still revealed that he spent his Bitcoin over the years. And currently, he owns a very small amount of Bitcoin. 

“I bought some bitcoins in 2014. I spent a little bit of it over time, but I held onto most of it. I did not sell,” he said

In the past, many times Bitcoin hitted new all-time high but still, Binance CEO never sold his Bitcoin and still holding his Bitcoin tightly.

One most surprising thing that Binance CEO revealed is that he is not owing to any crypto except the Binance coin and Bitcoin. 

In the past, Binance’s CEO met with many crypto projects, token projects but still did not hold any coins. 

Binance CEO also said that he is not holding any equity product in crypto or non-crypto. And his portfolio is not diversified. 

“I don’t hold any other coins… I do not own equity in any other project, crypto or not crypto. I do this very deliberately because I don’t want any potential conflicts of interest”

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