Binance CEO topped in the crypto Billionaire list

The CEO of Binance exchange ranked 11th position in the list of top rich people of the world. 

Binance is a top crypto exchange in the crypto Industry. Changpeng Zhao is the CEO of this exchange. Through his better quality level crypto services-based business, he became a top-level rich in this crypto industry, and also besides the crypto business, he is very near to the top 10 rich people like Elon Musk. 

Bloomberg published a report on Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. According to the report, Binance CEO CZ ranked 11th position in the rich people list, with a total of $96 billion net worth. 

According to Bloomberg, Zhao’s position in the list of rich people is based on the trading volume of the Binance exchange. That means earning of the Binance CEO based on the business revenue of Binance exchange.

The report also clearly hinted that Binance CEO will grab 10th position in the list of rich people of the world because CZ lagged behind the Oracle founder by just $11 billion difference. 

The below-attached photo shows that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is standing at the top position in the world, as the richest person. 

Binance CEO topped in the crypto Billionaire list 1

Here it is worth noting, estimation of the net worth of these people is based on their business revenue. And here business of Binance CEO is Crypto exchange Binance. Besides all these things, Binance’s CEO is holding Bitcoins and Binance coins. 

Recently Binance CEO shared about his crypto holdings and revealed that he is holding Bitcoin and Binance coins only. Besides all these two, he is not holding any other crypto asset. And the majority of his portfolio is because of the Binance coin. 

So here we can conclude that Binance CEO is in the list of top 10 rich persons in the world if we include the individual holdings of crypto assets. 

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