Binance finalized the purchase of Swipe

Binance exchange announced to buy outstanding stakes in the Swipe crypto project.

Binance is a top-level crypto exchange in the crypto industry. This exchange is a popular crypto exchange because it gives pro-level crypto services globally. However, in 2021, the exchange faced many scrutiny issues by the regulators of multiple countries but now this exchange is in a better situation under better communication with regulatory bodies. 

The past few years showed that Binance exchange is inclined to push the adoption of crypto assets in practical life, with the help of better services of Binance exchange. With this initiative, Binance exchange bought the majority of the stakes in the Swipe crypto project in July 2020. 

Now in the latest, Binance announced that it bought outstanding stakes in Swipe. That means Swipe is fully under the ownership of the Binance exchange. And after this, the CEO of the Swipe project will leave Binance. 

Swipe crypto project 

Swipe is a crypto project, which was started with its unique concept to push crypto-based payment services to the next level. 

Under the main initiative of crypto adoption and better crypto-based payment services, Swipe established many types of partnerships with other traditional payment companies like Visa. 

Right now, Swipe has its reach in more than 70 million locations globally, where it can provide its crypto-based payment services directly with the use of crypto Visa cards. 

Now full ownership of the Swipe project by Binance is a key point for this project. Because Binance and Swipe both will work to bring better payment services under compliance. 

“Binance and Swipe work with regulated and licensed entities to issue Visa cards, with Swipe acting as Binance’s card program manager and technology platform. Swipe also works with strategic partners to issue cards in permitted regions and markets, “the blog stated

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