Binance hires former exec of Bank of Russia

Binance exchange is planning to increase its efforts of development and better compliance-based work in Russia and Ukraine. 

Binance is a popular crypto exchange and this exchange stands at the first rank in this Crypto industry with the highest trading volume. Right now the services of this exchange are available in multiple countries. In those countries in which Binance is not allowed to provide services, Binance is operating its crypto business through an independent subsidiary arm. 

The latest efforts of the Binance exchange showed that Binance is working to bring more compliance-based works in Russia and Ukraine. 

Reportedly, Binance will work on spreading education on the crypto and blockchain industry in Russia and Ukraine. And with this, Binance will boost development works on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. 

On 11 January, Binance Exchange published a blog. Through the blog, Binance confirmed that the company hired many local talents of Ukraine and Russia, which also include Olga Goncharova. 

Olga Goncharova is now the new director of Binance exchange. Olga has experience of working in Russia and CIS. 

Before 2014, Olga served her position as the director of the bank’s report processing department in the Central Bank of Russia. She was also involved in leading projects for many banks in Fintech and digital transformations. 

Olga said:

“Binance places a great emphasis on regulation and compliance in jurisdictions of operation. Binance’s unique community, cutting-edge technology, and innovative approach to work give Binance great opportunities for further development,”

Crypto exchange Tokenbox co-founder Vladimir Serkis joined Binance Russia as director. Another hire is former BNP Paribas executive Kirill Khomyakov. Kirill will serve at Binance exchange as general manager in Ukraine.

These high-level hiring by Binance exchange is clearly showing that Binance exchange learned the lesson because of scrutiny issues raised by many countries’ regulators in 2021.

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