Binance US will go public in next three years

Binance CEO said that they are planning to turn Binance US crypto Exchange into public like Coinbase exchange. 

Binance exchange is the largest crypto exchange of the world and also it targets only global users. But the countries where Binance exchange can’t operate their services, Binance exchange opened their affiliated Crypto exchange to operate the crypto services independently. Binance.Us is also an affiliated but independent crypto exchange of Binance. 

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On  Wednesday in an interview with tech publication The Information, Changpeng Zhao, ceo of Binance exchange, unveiled their plans to follow the footsteps of Coinbase Exchange and make exchange more independent from the Binance Exchange. 

Zhao is confident with his statement because, according to him, their global crypto exchange can operate their services perfectly under the regulation framework of the regulators. And also they will list in public by next three year. And also Zhao said that Binance generated around $800 million to $1 billion of revenue last year, so there is no problem at all for public listing.

It seems that most of the successful crypto companies are trying to make their platform more transparent and trusted through the public listing. Coinbase is one of the best examples which got listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange this year. is also planning for the IPO in the incoming future, and they probably have been planning since last 1 and half years because earlier they were not offering services with KYC verification but since 1.5 years they have been asking for KYC details. 

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