Bitcoin ATM manufacturer General Bytes’ cloud server compromised


The General Bytes team confirmed that its cloud server was compromised by a hacker and requested customers to generate new keys & passwords to keep funds saved.

General Bytes is a major Bitcoin ATMs Kiosks manufacturer company. According to the available information on the official website of this company, General Bytes has sold over 15,000 Bitcoin ATMs across 149 countries. 

On 19 March 2023, General Bytes issued a warning to its customers over a recent hack attack on its cloud server. Issued information confirmed that a hacker successfully installed a bot on its cloud server and that bot was able to steal private keys & transfer funds outside the control of the main admin. 

Karel Kyovsky, the founder of General Bytes, said that the company conducted multiple security audits in 2021 and no vulnerability was found but still somehow hacker(s) succeeded in easily controlling the critical information on both of the cloud servers of the company.

The company also released a list of crypto addresses used in the hack attack to receive funds from the hacker. However General Bytes failed to report the exact amount of loss in the cloud server data breach but third-party investigations revealed that the hacker secured 21.82 ETH, & 56 BTC.

In the present situation, the company ordered all the Bitcoin ATMs operators to install their standalone server and also released two security patch updates for their Crypto Application Server (CAS), which manages the ATM’s operation.

Earlier this, the General Bytes cloud server was exploited by a hacker, where hacker(s) changed the default admin control and modified the settings so that all crypto funds would be transferred to their wallet address. These types of incidents are showing that Bitcoin ATM kiosk manufacturer companies as well as Bitcoin ATMs operators needed huge work to be done to make such services hack-proof. 

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