Bitcoin Breaks $8000 Dump Coming?

Bitcoin breaks $8000 resistance and top cryptocurrencies trading in green. Bitcoin continues to rise from the very beginning of April 2019.

Bitcoin is now trading at $8020 (at the time of writing) with daily gain of 13.8 percent. Bitcoin gains more than 35 percent on weekly timeline.

bitcoin breaks $8000
Source: Coin360

The technical analysis already turned bullish. Bitcoin golden cross has happened and breaks weekly 50 MA and 100 MA.

Ethereum follow Bitcoin steps and breaks the major resistance of $200. Ethereum is now trading at $209 and gains more than 10 percent in a single day.

Bitcoinik team posted the technical analysis of Ethereum and the target is reached.

Ripple (XRP) has become today’s top gainer in top 100 coins. XRP has gained more than 22 percent in the past 24 hours. XRP is now trading at $0.39 (at the time of writing).

Yesterday good news fuels the price and Bitcoin breaks $8000 in a single go. All TA experts are saying that Bitcoin will dump hard and we all know the other part of the story.

Binance announced a system upgrade and halt trading for 6-8 hours. Binance will start deposit and withdrawal tomorrow after the hack of 7000 BTC.

Bakkt announced to start users trading testing from July. There are rumours that eBay will accept payments in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is highly volatile now, wait for the dust to settle before taking any trade. Alts are burning like hell and most of the coins touched new all-time low price.

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