Bitcoin bullish firm Microstrategy searching blockchain engineers


Microstrategy is hiring Bitcoin & blockchain technology talents for its Bitcoin use initiatives.

Microstrategy is a popular US-based publicly listed company. Under the leadership of Michael Saylor, the company is buying Bitcoin to make the Company a multi-million Bitcoin holder company. To this date, this company is holding approximately 130k Bitcoins on its balance sheet and the company has no plans to sell these coins in the future. 

Michael Saylor is the founder of Microstrategy and he is contributing to the company as a board member to bring the use of Bitcoin for the company to generate more revenue. Just a few months ago, he stepped down from the position of CEO, to give his full time to bitcoin-related work for the company. 

On 1 October, Michael Saylor shared a full detail of the new software, Bitcoin & blockchain Engineers hiring link of MicroStrategy. 

Saylor said that team of Microstrategy is working on a Bitcoin lightning network-based app, so if anyone wants to contribute to provide secure networks, monetizing websites, and deploying wallets en masse using #Bitcoin, then he can join. 

Saylor is only a bitcoin lover 

Saylor is not fond of any crypto asset, except Bitcoin. He never misses a chance to support & talk about Bitcoin. Behind the Bitcoin blockchain, Proof-of-work (PoW) technology works and Saylor is only a supporter of the PoW model, which is an inefficient blockchain consensus over the latest model Proof-of-stake (PoS). 

In the past, Saylor passed comments about Proof-of-stake consensus-based crypto assets and claimed that all these should undergo securities asset class. 

Once, he criticized Ethereum (ETH) lovers also and said that ETH is also a security and it can’t be a commodity because it was issued by a team via Initial Coin Offering (ICOs). 

Saylor said:

“There’s a management team. There was a pre-mine. There’s a hard fork. There are continual hard forks.”

In short, Microstrategy’s founder believes that Bitcoin is only a commodity in the crypto space because there is no management team and no one is the issuer & is fully decentralized in nature.

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